Polyester Pulling Tape Brief

Flat woven polyester pulling tape, also called "mule tape", provides a reliable means of pulling electrical wires conduit or pipes. The high quality woven polyester is low stretch, high strength, has pre-lubrication and is sequentially footage marked.

100% Polyester

Tensile Strength, Pre-lubricated, with Footage Markings


To reduce friction and prevent duct cutting

Printed with sequential footage

To enable monitoring of cable location

Packaged on sturdy plastic reels

This pull tape can be packaged 3000ft,5000ft or customized

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Easy to Installation

Installers and Network Engineers can finish conduit installation time in half

Future Bandwidth

Pull Tape increases the untilization rate of communication pipeline up to 37%-62%

Saving Labor Cost

Save the pipeline resource and reduce investment for fiber cable installation

Mule Pull Tape Benefits

easyOSP Mule Pull Tape maximizes your conduit and network

Lubricated for easy pulling and reduced friction

Tensile strength of braided sub-pipe is more than 1 ,000 kg

Durably printed with sequential footage or meter markings

Braided sub-pipe has no bending memory and doesn' t curl like PE sub-pipe;

Available in a variety of pulling strengths from 200 to 6,000 lbs (91-2727 kg)

The textile sub-pipe has high chemical inertness and could be exposed to the severe underground environment for a long time with design life of 50 years.

Low elongation for enhanced worker safety

Braided sub-pipe is not twisted during the laying and could be bent freely

Lightweight and easily blown into conduit or innerduct

The friction coefficient of braided sub-pipe is low and prevents the friction between cables

Easily spliced using conventional methods or the MULEKNOT

Low requirement on construction site, especially in downtown area;


Millions Feet Mule Pull Tape Sold Annually


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Mule Pull Tape Editting

This Fiber Cable or Electrical Cable Pulling Tape: Electrical professionals love Ravenox polyester pull tape as it’s flexible, easy to handle, and due to its' lightweight blows through a conduit and inner duct easily.

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Mule Pull Tape Manufacturer exporting
Mule Pull Tape Manufacturer exporting
Know More About easyOSP Mule Pull Tape

Mule Pull Tape Manufacturer

easyOSP Mule Pull Tape is delicated to produce and supply our customers with quality excellent Mule Pull Tape. You can customize your LOGO on any type of our Mule Pull Tape.Usually you can also expect to a fast lead time for urgent need.

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Our Mule Pull Tape Projects

Mule Pull Tape Manufacturer projects

Mule Pull Tape project in fiber optic network

Mule Pull Tape Manufacturer projects

Mule Pull Tape used inside Fabric Innerduct

FAQs on Mule Pull Tape

Here below are some common questions on Mule Pull Tape, if you still have questions, Please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

Mule Pull Tape definition

Pull tape, also called mule tape, is used for the routing of wires through walls and electrical conduits. It’s made of polyester or yarn fibers that are flattened into a ribbon-like shape to disperse pull load. This tool has useful features, such as measurement markings, that facilitate the routing process. It reduces the amount of labour required to complete a wiring job as it functions as a threading line, measuring tape and winchline all in one. A good pull tape has low stretch, high strength and minimizes friction to prevent burning.

Polyester Pull Tape: Easy to use, lightweight conduit tape for electrical wiring installations. Easily pull or blow through fiber optics, power cables, audio cables or network lines with pull webbing for quick cable installations. Perfect for DIY home and office projects and commercial applications.

Safest Webbing Available: The proprietary pre-lubrication of the tape reduces the coefficient of friction and eliminates duct cutting.  The low stretch polyester material distributes heat across its' wide, flat profile. This improves efficiency and prevents "snap back", which occurs when a rope under high tension elongates and either breaks or snaps back, often injuring the installer.

Applications: Flat Braid Polyester Pull Tape is designed for heavy-duty residential and commercial applications to include sub-lines, pulling lines, conduit lines, dielectric, and fiber-optic.  Measure as You Go: Accurate sequential footage markings enable monitoring of cable location during a pull, eliminating the need for measuring tapes and help determine the quantity of webbing remaining on a partial spool. The pull tape is on continuous length reels that are packaged on heavy-duty plastic reels for long life and easy transport. Choose the Right Length & Width: Order the amount you need with tape by the foot in 3,000 ft and 5,000 ft spools and custom continuous length reels available in lengths up to 100,000 ft for faster, easier cable placement. Diameters include 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 inch for the most common conduit sizes.

Mule Pull Tape Specification

Mule Pull Tape specification

Berry Compliant Polyester Pull Tape is available in 3 different diameter options. Custom continuous length reels available for faster, easier cable placement. DIAMETER : METRIC : TENSILE STRENGTH : MAXIMUM REEL LENGTH

1/2-inch : 12.7 mm : 1,250 lbs. : 100,000 FT
5/8-inch : 15.88 mm : 1,800 lbs. : 60,000 FT
3/4-inch : 19.05 mm : 2,500 lbs. : 45,000 FT
1/2 inch x 500 FT
1/2 inch x 1,000 FT
1/2 inch x 1,500 FT
1/2 inch x 3,000 FT
1/2 inch x 5,000 FT
5/8 inch x 500 FT
5/8 inch x 1,000 FT
5/8 inch x 1,500 FT
5/8 inch x 3,000 FT
5/8 inch x 5,000 FT
3/4 inch x 500 FT
3/4 inch x 1,000 FT
3/4 inch x 1,500 FT
3/4 inch x 3,000 FT
3/4 inch x 5,000 FT

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